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Abigail Grush is a Portland, Oregon songwriter / composer / multi-instrumentalist and music teacher.

Originally from Chicagoland, Abigail attended Bard College in Annandale-On-Hudson NY, where she earned a bachelor's degree in music composition while studying with noted compsers Joan Tower and Daron Hagen. Her original pieces were performed by the Da Capo Chamber Players and the Hudson Valley Chamber Orchestra. At this time she also wrote songs, played guitar, drums, clarinet, and sang with numerous original-rock bands, including Knuckle, Snack Chunk, Little Cat Z, and improvisational-pop-song-project Whoopski.

1992 - 2001:
Abigail moved to Seattle in 1992 and formed pop-trio PeaSoup with bassist/French Horn player Cassie Peek and dummer/violinist/saxophonist Frank Pullen. PeaSoup performed frequently in the Seattle area, playing with such acts as Death Cab For Cutie, Harvey Danger, This Busy Monster, The Scallywags, and Aiko Shimada. PeaSoup released a 7" single on Barsuk Records, as well as several self-released demo tapes, all of which received positive and often creatively descriptive reviews ("...pop anarchists intent on disrupting the trainlines from the 'Barcelona' of typical pop music.." the Echo).

In 1999 Abigail's debut CD "Abigail Grush - The Phantom Beat" was released on Seattle's (then relatively unknown) Barsuk Records. This long awaited CD was recorded by David Dubh Black at Private Radio in Seattle and features varied instrumentation (including clarinet, sax, French horn, accordion, banjo, mandolin, and upright bass, in addition to guitars, bass, drums, and vocal harmonies) on 13 songs written, arranged, and performed by Abby with help from PeaSoup's Frank Pullen and Cassie Peek, Mark Collins, and others. The newly named group "Abigail Grush and the Phantom Beat" performed frequently in Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland to showcase the CD.

2001 - Present:
Abigail moved to Portland Oregon in 2001, and gathered together three other Portland multi-instrumentalists and kindered spirits to perform and record new songs (and some old songs too.) This line-up included Frank Pullen on drums, bass, violin, sax, and vocals, Jamie Walsh on bass, drums, percussion, and vocals, and John Hagelbarger on xylophone, keyboards, tenor sax, bass clarinet, and various percussion things. They performed frequently in Portland and Seattle, and recorded an album with Curtis Settino (with three songs recorded by Jeremy Brown at PopGun Studios). The new album - "Through Being Mean" - was self-released as an internet download.

Currently Abigail is writing and recording new songs.


In addition to concentrating on her own music, Abby has performed and recorded with a variety of diverse Pacific Northwest acts including:

Harvey Danger
Aiko Shimada
This Busy Monster
Elaine DiFalco
Paul Hoskin
Hand To Mouth
Kaitlyn Ni Donovan
Swing Country USA
Octet Noir
Gin & Tillyanna


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