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half-hour per week: 

Pay each lesson: $30

Pre-pay 4 lessons: $110

Pre-pay 8 lessons: $200

45 minutes per week:

Pay each lesson: $45

Prepay 4 lessons: $170

Prepay 8 lessons: $320

one hour per week:

Pay each lesson: $60

Prepay 4 lessons: $220

Prepay 8 lessons: $400

2 family members, each taking weekly half-hour lesson (1 hour per week total):

Pay each lesson: $55

Prepay 4 weeks: $200

Prepay 8 weeks: $380

Ways to pay:

  • PayPal (click to pay online)

  • Cash

  • Check made out to "Abby Grush"

  • CashApp: I am $AbigailGrush (or my phone#)

  • Venmo: I am @Abigail-Grush (or my phone #)


Payment is due at the time of your lesson. Lessons may be paid for at each lesson, or as a group of lessons ahead of time (for example a month of lessons pre-paid). Discounts are offered for pre-payment (see rates above).  Please note that if you pay for a group of lessons AFTER the lessons have occurred you will not receive the discounted rate!

“No shows” or last minute cancellations will still be charged for the missed lesson. Sometimes a make-up lesson is possible, but not always (my schedule tends to get very full).  I will try my best to reschedule you. If I miss a lesson (due to illness or other emergency) you will not be charged for that lesson. 

If you need to cancel a lesson, please give me at least 24 hour notice.  You will not be charged for cancelled lessons with advance notice.  If you have prepaid for a group of lessons, your payment will carry-over to the next lesson.

Lessons start and end on time. Lessons are scheduled back-to-back so please be able to pick up your child on time so my next student's start time isn't affected. If you are late to a lesson it will be a short lesson.

Please realize that this is how I make my living. Students who are frequent "no-shows" without payment will lose their spot. 

Covid “In-Person” Lessons Policies for the music students of Abby Grush 

*Updated 3-10-2022*


  • Only vaccinated students may have their lesson in-person.  (I am fully vaccinated & boosted, as are the people in my household, and the employees at Trade Up Music.) 

  • If the student is feeling sick please stay home, we can always do the lesson online or reschedule. 

  • Masks:  as of 3/11/22 indoor masks are no longer mandated.  HOWEVER!  Please be prepared to wear a mask during lessons. I will defer to each student and parent as to your comfort level, but since my room is so small and not well ventilated it may be prudent to continue wearing masks.  

  • I will do my best to sanitize the piano and other surfaces between students, air out the room using fans and/or air purifier, and space-out the timing of lessons when possible.  

  • Since the lesson room is so small, only the student and teacher may be in the room (no parents, siblings, etc).  If the parent wishes to observe the lesson we can “live-stream” the lesson via zoom, google, facetime, or skype.  

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