half-hour per week: 

Pay each lesson: $30

Pre-pay 4 lessons: $110

Pre-pay 8 lessons: $200

45 minutes per week:

Pay each lesson: $45

Prepay 4 lessons: $170

Prepay 8 lessons: $320

one hour per week:

Pay each lesson: $60

Prepay 4 lessons: $220

Prepay 8 lessons: $400

2 family members, each taking weekly half-hour lesson (1 hour per week total):

Pay each lesson: $55

Prepay 4 weeks: $200

Prepay 8 weeks: $380

Ways to pay:

  • PayPal (click to pay online)

  • Cash

  • Check made out to "Abby Grush"

  • Credit or debit card in person through my smartphone

  • Venmo: I am @Abigail-Grush (or my phone #)


Payment is due at the time of your lesson. Lessons may be paid for at each lesson, or as a group of lessons ahead of time (for example a month of lessons pre-paid). Discounts are offered for pre-payment (see rates above).  Please note that if you pay for a group of lessons AFTER the lessons have occurred you will not receive the discounted rate!

“No shows” or last minute cancellations will still be charged for the missed lesson. Sometimes a make-up lesson is possible, but not always (my schedule tends to get very full).  I will try my best to reschedule you. If I miss a lesson (due to illness or other emergency) you will not be charged for that lesson. 

If you need to cancel a lesson, please give me at least 24 hour notice.  You will not be charged for cancelled lessons with advance notice.  If you have prepaid for a group of lessons, your payment will carry-over to the next lesson.

Lessons start and end on time. Lessons are scheduled back-to-back so please be able to pick up your child on time so my next student's start time isn't affected. If you are late to a lesson it will be a short lesson.

Please realize that this is how I make my living. Students who are frequent "no-shows" without payment will lose their spot.